Matt Crabe’s Wild, Horror-Filled Illustrations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Matt Crabe, self-proclaimed as “Heaven’s Favorite Man,” is an artist whose wild illustrations come across as vibrant nightmares. Crabe presents his work in strange zines, paper figures, prints, apparel and other outlets.

Not only do the paintings come with absorbing detail, but also the descriptions of the works written by the author. The piece “Demon Radiating an Intense Ghost of Feline Energy,” for instance, comes with this: “A painting depicting a demon that has eaten so many feline souls, that a transformation is willing itself upon the demon, so powerful its bones have began to meow. Not a feeble meow of hunger, but the horrifying deep cry of a female cat in a heat so intense, that glass is explodes, ice caps disintegrate, and babies weak brains are melted into bloody pudding while they slumber. If she is successful, everything we thought we knew about how the world worked, will become the biggest joke the gods ever played on us.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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