Nicolas Romero’s Surreal Oil, Acrylic Portraits

by Andy SmithPosted on

Nicolas Romero, also known as “Ever,” is a street artist who has delved into oil and acrylic works in recent years. His strange portraits blend the abstract and the real, each packed with both humor and earnestness. In recent years, as evidenced below, he’s always displayed these paintings as animated GIFs.

“To combine a small obsession for the body with a love of experimentation with people, the only way to do it is with the idealization of something, done with a religious slant,” the artist says. “Religion has put symbols in our heads that come out even today in our ways of representing the body. Each person sanctifies when they ignore. This is the result of my work, to give importance to the inconsequential, to ‘deify’ an unremarkable person … ”

The artist adds an anecdote, with a tinge of his humor: “For example when I paint my brother and people ask, ‘Who is this?’ [and] thinking that because I’m painting his face on a wall of 7×5 meters that it must be someone important. When I respond, ‘It’s my brother,’ they look at me sadly and say, ‘Oh the poor boy died, didn’t he?,’ and I answer: ‘No, I think he’s at home watching TV.’”

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