The Gouache Paintings of Illustrator Bill Mayer

by Andy SmithPosted on

Illustrator Bill Mayer is known for his humorous, yet earnest characters and scenes, rendered with both digital and traditional means. His works often both personify and look at the real-life nature of the animal world. His gouache paintings, featured in this piece, offer a particular, absorbing characteristic.

“I have been playing with the gouache paintings for some time now,” the artist said about his work in a 2015 blog post. “They have been a joy to explore. Sometimes they fail miserably but I always learn something from each of these little failures. It seems like the subject matter may sometimes seem a bit dark and creepy. I am thinking it’s a natural perception because of the surreal nature of the subject matter.”

Since, Mayer’s work has grown in scope and humor. See more of his recent gouache paintings below.

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