Daniel Arsham’s Stunning, New ‘Architectural Interventions’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Artist and designer Daniel Arsham currently has his first show in Russia at Moscow with “Moving Architecture” at VHDNKh. His nine site-specific “architectural interventions” bring surreal, three-dimensional touches to otherwise nondescript spaces. The photographs showing Arsham’s work in this piece were taken by James Law. Arsham was last mentioned on HiFructose.com here.

“Spatial manipulation through the destruction of existent forms is a prevalent theme throughout Arsham’s work,” a statement says. “The exhibition in Moscow will feature the artist’s large-scale installation Excavated Walls, involving a huge concrete tunnel with abstract perforations melting into a real life-size human silhouette. The elements used in the installation reflect the author’s vision of human-to-architecture interaction, of man’s capacity to create, destroy, and modernize constructions as well as natural materials.”

Arsham also has shows running in New York, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris right now. The exhibition runs through Jan. 8 at the space. See more photos of the work below.

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