Haroshi’s New Sculptures Appear in Deceptive Setting

by Andy SmithPosted on

Haroshi‘s figures, made from used skateboard decks, appear to be getting massive in size. But in fact, the gallery holding them is miniature. The 20-inch sculptures are part of the new Arsham/Fieg Gallery‘s first show at the Kith Manhattan flagship store. Alongside his figures are what appear to be 3D-printed versions of the gallery’s namesakes, artists Daniel Arsham and Ronnie Fieg.

A statement offers Haroshi’s background in created his skateboard sculptures: “As a passionate skater from his early teens to present, Haroshi possesses a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of a skateboard and all of its parts including the deck, trucks and wheels. He often scavenges, collecting broken skateboards to recycle the parts and use in his work. With no formal art training, Haroshi has adapted the determined perseverance and DIY ethos of skate culture, into creating works of art. Haroshi’s relationship with his artwork is the same with his skateboards—they are his life, his vehicle for communication and expression.”

The show is currently running at Kith Manhattan. See more of the artist’s recent works below.


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