The Moody Mixed-Media Works of Ian Francis

by Andy SmithPosted on

Ian Francis crafts mixed-media paintings packed with ghostly abstractions and figures that appear as evaporating memories. The artist uses a combination of oil, ink, acrylics, and other materials to create each work.

“The artist’s cross-disciplinary approach weaves intricate layers of both painting and drawing to create distinctly ultra-modern works, providing a powerful dialogue between contemporary techniques and dystopian cinematic content,” a past statement says. “Francis utilises a high-contrast mixture of oil, ink, acrylic, graphite and charcoal to construct works that are both dramatically appealing and visually striking, whilst alluding to underlying notes of melancholy, alienation and social critique. The new series of paintings continue to examine reoccurring themes of constructed worlds, virtual relationships and shifting dimensions that underpin Francis’ wider practice.”

The artist has shown this work across the world, from his native U.K. to shows in the U.S. and Sydney. The artist has an upcoming solo show at Corey Helford Gallery. It kicks off Oct. 28.

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