The Stirring, Multitextured Oil Paintings of Daniel Bilmes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Daniel Bilmes plays with texture in his oil paintings, with small and meticulous strokes crafting absorbing portraits. Often limiting his colors, Bilmes is able to extract a vibrancy out of his intricate linework and abstractions. His portraits seem to be a continuation of oil traditions while mixing in new applications.

“His approach is characterized by deep personal exploration, combining realism with elements of symbolism and abstraction,” a statement says. “Through tactile textures and delicate expressions, his paintings weave together the magical and mundane. His work is at once hopeful and brooding. Realistic and symbolic.”

Blimes is the son of respected painter and educator Semyon Blimes, who is known for crafting advertising campaigns for CBS and AT&T and working on covers for the New York Times and Reader’s Digest. Semyon Bilmes is the founder of Bilmes Art School.

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