The ‘Ironic’ Wooden Sculptures of Matthias Verginer

by Andy SmithPosted on

Italian artist Matthias Verginer plays with scale and symbolism in what he calls his “ironic sculptures.” These wooden pieces, ranging in scale from small works that can be held to enormous figures. Often, these works feature a nude figure alongside wild animals.

“In the ironic artworks of Matthias Verginer, we can clearly perceive the expressive use of bright orange, sugary pink and brilliant blue,” says online art gallery Paris Art Web. ” We can also clearly feel the abundant and precise forms of the bodies, their disproportionateness measured against the harmony of movement and gesture. Both of these are well considered aspects which are part of, and vectors for, the irony and playfulness in this series of artworks by Matthias Verginer.”

See more of the sculptor’s work below.

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