Jesse Jacobi’s Eerie, Forested Scenes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jesse Jacobi’s massive, forested scenes are packed with creatures and ruins, each a dive into a dreamlike, yet vivid world. The vibrant acrylic works make use of camouflage and show seemingly alien civilizations. And on the time and place shown in this works, the artist admit it’s not clear, “but the setting is, I can say with certainty, very far removed from modernity and anything involving current times.”

“My current work focuses on an unnamed culture of people living in a mysterious, heavily-forested world,” the artist says. “While I make it a point to not be explicit about any concrete narrative happenings, there is a clear framework of visual and thematic motifs involved: reverence for nature, the use of masks and various obscuring garb, cycles of life-death-dream, structures in differing stages of ruin, ritual and witchcraft, the space between visible and invisible environments, and the true nature of man.”

The Detroit-born artist is self-taught, and only recently started an ongoing practice. See more work below.

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