The Surreal, Futuristic Illustrations of John Mahoney

by Andy SmithPosted on

Artist John Mahoney crafts strange, futuristic illustrations that are marked by absorbing detail and shifting perspectives. He’s also had a hand in products from Lucasfilm, Disney, Blizzard, Hasbro Cartoon Network, and Miramax in various roles under visual development and conceptual art. Yet, perhaps his most personal project is “Zentropa,” a graphic novel “30 years in the making” that features no word bubbles and serves as a stream-of-conscious, unpredictable narrative.

“When John was eight years old, he would stare at a single page of a Marvel Avenger comic, and imagine these amazing characters in these wild surreal scenarios,” a statement says. “He hopes to give this experience to a new audience. Allowing them to come up with a concrete story in there own minds. After the campaign he plans on creating a website where people can upload their own stories based on what they think Zentropa means. People from different parts of the world can share in collaborations of what this story means to them.”

The graphic novel was successfully kickstarted last year. See other examples of his work, including sculptures, below.

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