Omid Delafrouz’s Vivid Cultural Studies

by Andy SmithPosted on

Iran-born, Sweden-based artist Omid Delafrouz’s work is a mix of pencil drawing and digital prints, packed with vivid contemporary reflections. The artist says that with the image of Pop art has an enormous party, he sees his own works as “the morning after the party when Pop art wakes up in confusion and hungover.”

“I try to prepare a worthy symbol or epitaph for the atmosphere of the culture I grew up in,” the artist says, in a statement. “For us who grew up during the last years of the 20th century in a culture obsessed with images, surface and consumption, I suspect that the richness of the atmosphere does not quite allow itself to be known, in any other form than through the still image’s historically unresolved tension between, what I would call, surface and depth, narrative and essence. Therefore, I have tried to develop an image-form that works as a sheltering place, where these differing areas of tension intrinsic to the image can be gathered, shown and preserved.”

The artist had a recent show at Andréhn-Schiptjenko in Stockholm. This collection of pencil works were displayed side-by-side with digital prints.

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