Wiley Wallace Sci-Fi-Tinged Acrylic Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Wiley Wallace creates surreal acrylic paintings that hint at sci-fi concepts and fantastical new layers within reality. Wallace’s latest work carries some of the youthful elements of his past work, yet interweaves darker, stranger elements. Thinkspace Gallery says the artist has a “metaphysical interest in surreal worlds and pseudo-science fiction themes.”

“Wallace often depicts his own children as protagonists on the edge of unknown universes,” a statement says. “At times eerie and even grotesque and others understated and subtle, his works combine a dizzying array of visual devices to denote suspension, transition, or immersion in alternate realities. At times realistic depictions deliquesce into abstract blurs of bright colors, while at others subtle apparitions make their way into otherwise unassuming everyday scenes. His ambiguous depictions feel like personal meditations on mortality, the existence, and dissolution of boundaries, and the presence, whether literal or philosophical, of worlds beyond.”

Wallace has a BFA in intermedia arts from Arizona State University and an MFA from University of California-Santa Barbara.

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