Molly Gruninger’s Deceptive Figurative Oil Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Molly Gruninger’s work may appear to be digitally created, but these pieces are actually oil on canvas. The Los Angeles-based artist uses her multi-disciplinary talents to craft figures that are both ornate and elegantly simple in how they’re framed in each work.

“My ideas are driven by the challenge to combine concept with function, and I enjoy being able to speak to a large population through the filter of my own experience,” Gruninger says. “I believe beauty can be found everywhere, from a rusty nail to a pile of rocks, and both art and design allow me to take the mundane and make it meaningful.”

Gruninger’s background is in graphic design, having obtained a degree from Ball State University. However, she also experiments in painting, sculpting, and creating murals. The artist’s work is set to be part of the group show “Swank” at Thinkspace Gallery in September.

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