Eric Nyquist’s Meticulous Explorations of the Natural, Manmade Worlds

by Andy SmithPosted on

Eric Nyquist‘s enthralling drawings and paintings are vivid explorations of both natural and manmade forms. The artist, often playing with color and shape, crafts illustrations that often must be dissected and studied. The result are pieces that tow the line of being both humorous and dangerous.

“Nyquist chooses the line as his tool in creating dense narratives so detailed they straddle the representative and the abstract,” a statement says. “His work disrupts stereotypes and forces the viewer to go beyond simply ‘looking’ at things. Each drawing asks us to see analytically and not just physically. In a technological age of rapid image making, Nyquist uses classical methods to create contemporary results. From etching to lithography, he upholds the craft of printmaking while expanding the possibilities of the medium. The printing process informs his drawings—as he arranges layers and screens of color and texture into each piece.”

Nyquist’s garnered a reputation, in particular, for his book covers. He designed artwork for all three of the entries in the Southern Reach trilogy of novels: Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance. His work tends to lend itself to science-driven works and reflections on the natural world.

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