Felicia Chiao’s Vibrant, Fantastical Illustrations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Felicia Chiao, a self-described “industrial designer by day and illustrator by night,” crafts drawings of humorous and fantastical scenes, packed with vibrant details. Her signature bald, naked protagonist seems to be a stand-in for all of us, taking in the wonder or other range of emotions in each piece.

On the artist’s Instagram account, she often offers humorous thoughts to go along with each work. For the above piece: “Wouldn’t it be cool if people were like snails and wore their homes around? Napping would be so convenient.” And for the below piece: “Apparently water lilies and lotus blossoms are not the same thing. I feel like I should have known this?”

Chiao, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, is currently based in San Francisco. The artist works as an industrial designer at IDEO Food Studio. She’s also worked as a toy designer.

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