Hilda Palafox’s Wistful, Feminine Illustrations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Mexico City artist Hilda Palafox, also known as “Poni,” crafts absorbing illustrations that often contain the female form. The artist says, “Girls, love, rain, and music are my biggest inspirations.” And whether it’s on paper, ceramic, acrylic, or adorning a wall, her work reflects those elements.

These wistful works “Hilda Palafox is an artist who balances fluidity, simplicity and a sort of visual poetry in her work,” artspace Cass Contemporary says. “She lives and works in the chaos that is Mexico City and yet her work is ever more calm and romantic.”

See a timelapse video of Palafox creating a piece below. As the video shows, her style moves fluidly between monochromatic and flamboyant formats. As such, her stunning murals also appear in both locales that appear as utopian or worn urban backdrops.

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