Annie Owens Explores ‘A Place Worth Knowing’ in New Show

by Andy SmithPosted on

Hi-Fructose co-founder Annie Owens assembles a new body of work in “A Place Worth Knowing,” a new show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. The title of this collection of watercolor works comes from Algernon Blackwood, a favorite author of the artist: “No place worth knowing yields itself at sight, and those the least inviting on first view may leave the most haunting pictures upon the walls of memory.” In her statement, Owens offers some insight on the figures found across her pieces. The show kicks off Aug. 4 and runs through Aug. 28.

“The figures in my work are an amalgamation of all the women and girls I’ve known, for better or worse, molded into a generic form in generic dresses that I sometimes use to embody a thought, a feeling or attitude,” Owens says.

“For example, the figure in ‘Encroachment II,’ who dwarfs her surroundings, represents the rather arrogant human imprint on rural landscapes. While the figure in ‘Cordova’ who is caught mid-turn presumably to move away from the viewer into the distance portrays either hesitation or a sense of finality. I painted this after a visit to my home state of Alabama with a random side trip to the small town of Cordova that to my knowledge has no connection to my family. I think I was looking for hiking trails. The little town just stuck with me.

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