The Nostalgic Oil Paintings of Till Rabus

by Andy SmithPosted on

Swiss artist Till Rabus crafts realistic oil paintings that exhibit both a whimsical and darker side to nostalgia. His version of a “Transformer” may consist of household objects, and his combined Disney dolls hint at the toll time takes on the icons of youth. The artist’s striking style may make viewers mistake the works for manipulated photographs, at first glance.

“Till Rabus is a hyperrealist with a keen eye for the beauty of banality,” says a Torch Gallery statement. “His subject matter ranges from fast food to porn, but all his works refer to, and are firmly based in Art history. … These playful pieces celebrate the seductive surface and almost convince the viewer to disregard their darker themes such as overconsumption, objectification and the steady dilution of local culture into global uniformity.”

Rabus has had solo and group shows in his native Switzerland, as well as France, China, England, Germany, the U.S., and the Netherlands.

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