Geoff McFetridge’s Acrylic Deconstructions of the Natural, Everyday Worlds

by Andy SmithPosted on

Calgary-born, Los Angeles-based artist/graphic designer Geoff McFetridge deconstructs everyday images and reimagines them in simpler, yet captivating studies. He uses elements of logo design and commercial inspiration to create these acrylic paintings. McFetridge was last mentioned on here.

In a recent statement, McFetridge said that his newer works think of “nature as both a pattern and an illegible typography.”

“In typographic terms the counter-space is the missing piece of a letter, the hole in an O,” he says. “Considering a C, however, the ‘missing’ piece is not the counters pace but an implied part of the form itself; a loss that makes it legible. In these paintings the images are floating on raw canvas, the acrylic reveals itself not as a mark, but as a surface. Absent of a background, content is brought to the fore as if suddenly the plinth has become the sculpture. Patterns interest me as an image maker in constant struggle with my relationship to images.”

See a video with further context to his work below.

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