Gosha Levochkin’s Fanciful, Personal Worlds

by Andy SmithPosted on

Gosha Levochkin’s fanciful, strange worlds, often rendered in watercolor and gouache, carry an undercurrent of autobiography for the artist. The artist says “these mediums gives me the freedom to work with mistakes. I love the transparent feel that watercolor gives me and I love the opacity that gouache provides, over all making my work look like animation.” He was last featured on HiFructose.com as a solo artist here.

A recent statement shows where his own story comes into play: “Traversing the picture plane, the boy figure, dressed as a soviet militant, appears as a representation of Levochkin himself surviving the adversities he encountered growing up,” a recent statement said. “At age 10, Levochkin’s mother escaped the oppressive regime of the Soviet Union for a chance at a better life in Los Angeles. Escape is intended to serve as a collection of memories, but also as a means to re-imagine and acknowledge the importance one’s own personal history.”

Levochkin is currently based in New York City. He was formerly half of the design collective DevnGosha, partnered with Devin Liston. He’s been commissioned for commercial clients including Mike Epps, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Jenny Lewis, Netflix, Do Lab Coachella, and others. The artist has also recently been posting digitally made art on his social media channels.

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