The Disturbing Portraits of Stefan Gesell

by Andy SmithPosted on

Stefan Gesell, a German photographer, creates portraits that appear to be torn from the pages of sci-fi and horror novels. Using dynamic lighting and effects, the rawness and aggression of Gesell’s work makes it stand out among peers attempting to capture dystopian worlds within the same form.

“I think it is the different approach and stage-managing that makes my pictures look different,” the artist told The Plugin Site. “For me the impact of my images is of high importance. I want to make them memorable to the viewer. That’s why I experiment a lot with light and the resulting mood.”

The artist cites Jan Saudek, H.R.Giger, and Helnwein as influences. The former graphic designer seems to work within a clear vision for both the studio and post-production legs of each image’s journey, pushing both his models and their backdrops to provoke.

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