El Gato Chimney’s Surreal Explorations with Wild Animals

by Andy SmithPosted on

El Gato Chimney’s watercolor and gouache paintings blend flamboyant winged creatures, textiles, and other rustic elements with surreal results. After emerging as a self-taught street artist, he began to explore other avenues of expression through studies and experimentation. Now, the Italian artist has shown his works across the globe. He was last featured on HiFructose.com here.

A statement offers some advice for those judging the work on a glance: “Beware, though, as in his art nothing is as it seems and nothing is left to the case: the artist’s goal is to make the beholder think and wonder instead of being a passive observer in front of the umpteenth meaningless painting,” a statement says. “In the end, numbers and symbols might or might not offer you a solution to the enigma, but they surely will make you want to take in every little detail of the dreamy landscapes, bursting with vivid colours and amazingly lively creatures, only waiting to tell you their own version of the story.”

The artist currently lives and works in Milan, where he was born. His work was recently part of the show “The Wild Wood” at James Freeman Gallery in London.

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