Bang Sangho’s Flamboyant, Strange Worlds

by Andy SmithPosted on

Korean artist Bang Sangho creates illustrations that burst with vibrancy and surrealism. His work combines both ink and digital processes, playing with perspective and astral backdrops.

His work, predictably, makes a startling transition to video. Sangho directed the short “planet,” and explains his vision as such:

“This planet is a medium to observe the unconscious … ,” the artist says. “In the planet, everything is instinctive and free; the creation, the explosion, and the mating [occured]. The hole of hole, the room of room, and the winding lines perform the role as a path to another world. As we look in the hole, there is another world, and there is another hole in that another world. [This] sort of circulation of the hole shapes the infinite universe, which won’t be able to be measured in terms of the size and location of the world.”

His other work also explores a fascination with cosmic entities and alternate worlds. See more of that below.

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