Butch Locsin’s ‘Skeleton of Color’ a Massive, Collaborative Performance

by Andy SmithPosted on

Performance artist Butch Locsin is also known as a “Skeleton of Color.” The Los Angeles-based artist has appeared in several videos, photographs, and multimedia pieces donning a number of skull masks and vibrant attire and accessories. Each of these works are a collaboration with artists from around the world. Recent artist partnerships include Rolando McFarlane, StreetWiseLA, Jonathan Gallegos, and more.

“I have a pretty cool title,” the artist says, in a recent Instagram post. “When meeting new people and they ask, ‘What do you do?’ I have the pleasure by replying, ‘I am a performance artist.’ It’s really cool to say and even more fun showing them what I do. I love it, and I love performing for those who come to shoot me.”

The artist also creates his own paintings and illustrations, sometimes using his character as a muse and integrating and animating new works from previous collaborations.

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