Jason Limon’s New Paintings Toy With Typography

by Andy SmithPosted on

Texas-born artist Jason Limon moves into even stranger territory with his new acrylic paintings on panel. Several of the artist’s new works implement phrases like “Calling All Numbskulls,” pushing forward an idea that started with his “Three Letter Words” series from last year. Limon was last featured on HiFructose.com here.

He first returned to using text as a pivotal part of each work last year. He said this at the time to explain: “Typography has been something I’ve enjoyed from a young age. That and geometry; not the math end, but the arranging of shapes and parts that come together to make a whole. I used to do quite a bit of that, from filling a piece with letters to making a painting that almost worked as a puzzle. Somewhere along the way those things slowly vanished … I’ve always done my best to grow as an artist and let the art go where it wants. Right now it is calling to revert to a time in the past, to a moment that wasn’t so dark and to move forward with that lighter tone in mind.”

This ideas has seem to evolved into something more complex now, with bizarre machines and containers that tell mini-narratives with Limon’s signature, fantastical creatures.

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