Hi-Fructose Volume 44 Preview!

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jeremy Geddes

The 44th volume of Hi-Fructose will be here in July 2017! Pre-order the issue here, or you can also subscribe to Hi-Fructose here.

Our next print issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 44, features a a wrap-around cover with art by Jeremy Geddes. Featured in this issue are: The hyper-realistic natural anomalies of Lisa Ericson, the climactic monster paintings of Mu Pan, the mysterious drawings of Amandine Urruty, the paintings of Laura Berger, “Sick Girl”, the world of artist Mab Graves, Joey Colombo‘s currency cut-ups, comix artist Benjamin Constantine, the beautiful paintings of Vira Yakymchuck, Paolo Del Toro‘s enormous felted sculptures, Michael Reeder‘s murals and paintings, and a film review of Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back.

Paolo Del Toro

Mu Pan

Michael Reeder

Benjamin Constantine

Plus: a special 16-page glossy insert section on the amazing paintings of Jeremy Geddes! In addition, all current print subscribers, as well as the next 500, will receive a subscriber-exclusive die-cut by Mab Graves.

Laura Berger

Joey Colombo

Amandine Urruty

Lisa Ericson

Mab Graves

Jeremy Geddes

Vira Yakymchuck

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