Koralie’s Intricate, Vibrant Murals and Works on Canvas

by Andy SmithPosted on

French artist Koralie creates vibrant, absorbing wall art and works on canvas that combine influences from both traditional and contemporary Japanese art, African and English history, and even wallpaper design. Her works appear publicly and inside galleries across the world.

The artist uses a character in her works who is fully integrated into these backgrounds and architectural objects. Dorothy Circus Gallery once offered this on the character: “Koralie fancies mixing elements of different origins and has achieved to create a harmony out this association. About the evolution of her work, she says: ‘My character has become a pretext. Standing straight and always bearing the same expression on her face, I’m not interested in her as a person but in the way I’m going to arrange her hair, her costumes and the background. I have great fun in dressing and combing her, as if she was a doll.’”

Koralie began in the field of architecture, before moving on to television sets in advertising. In the early 2000s, she embarked on her career in art. Her Instagram account offers in-process shots that show how each of these intricate works are constructed.

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