Giuseppe Palmisano’s Subtle, Absurd Photographs

by Andy SmithPosted on

Italian artist Giuseppe Palmisano creates photographs that somehow treat the body as object while conveying human ideas. Wedged between furniture and and bent and entwined with others, his female subjects and their apparel are paired with subtle hues and rooms. The artist has a theatrical background, and he creates a mystery in both the meaning and identity of his subjects.

In a statement, the artist expresses his aim in abstract terms: “If I look at myself in the mirror my reflection seems yellow, it is as if I have lived before and I returned back in time to gather the stories of the people living today, consoling them that they are still living as we lived yesterday,” he says. “The same love, the same pain, the same thoughts…infinitely.”

These works can come across as both absurd and intimate. On his Instagram account, he often creates poetic descriptions and titles to accompany these works.

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