Ori Toor’s ‘Gibberish’ Drawings Rely on Happy Accidents

by Andy SmithPosted on

Tel-Aviv-based artist Ori Toor creates prints and animations that rely on happy accidents. His so-called “gibberish” prints are unplanned and unsketched. These vibrant, trippy works merely stumble upon familiar icons and forms, creating final products that both exhibit a single vibe and can be seen as disparate, otherworldly sections.

Toor says, “I’m a vegetarian and failed vegan who likes riding his bicycle and watch other people play video games. My main thing is art. I like to improvise my drawings and animations and never sketch or plan. I can only create something from complete nothing (or music playing in my headphones) so I almost never use references.”

His “loops” are also initially unplanned, though seem to be less about a single entity and more about effortlessly and organically moving from one idea to the next while maintaining the element of surprise. The artist himself refers to his process as “obsessively drawing heaps of noodly landscapes and shapes.”

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