Sushi Chef Yujia Hu Emulates Icons of Sneaker Culture

by Andy SmithPosted on

Yujia Hu, a China-born chef and artist based in Milan, Italy, uses his culinary and sculptural skills to pay homage to sneaker culture. A former art student, Hu left school to work at his family’s restaurant, eventually taking the reins as a sushi chef. Now, his food sculptures use sushi as the base to emulate products from Nike, Adidas, and more.

“As he started to hone his new technique of representation, he differed the subjects he was creating, including elements of lifestyle, connected to basketball and street style,” a statement says. “Inevitably, influenced by the craze of this last year, he reproduces some of the most iconic or trendiest sneakers, that social media [is] full of. He started from the well-known Nike Air Jordan, to the reborn Gosha Rubinskiy Fila and, well, he’s still going on.”

On his website, the artist sells prints of his creations, while also displaying them on his popular Instagram account.

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