Liam Devereux’s Haunting ‘Nighttime’ Illustrations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Liam Devereux, an illustrator/animator based in London, always sketched scenes from his balcony, which overlooked a garden in his Victorian neighborhood. This eventually resulted in an illustration, and then, something much bigger.

“This resulted in a picture I did called ‘Nighttime’ and spawned a series of works, initially that included the view from my flat but spread to the surrounding area, and further afield,” Devereux says. “Nighttime sold well. Sold out in fact, relatively quickly, but I felt it looked a bit too American and wanted to create something that had a distinctly British feel to it, so I looked at some of the halftone techniques used by DC Thompson and, hey presto, this is the result.”

The illustrations, printed on a Kraft backdrop, evoke a vintage vibe. While it doesn’t carry the vibrancy of the artist’s past work (with an example shown below), the distinct palette of this series is remarkable.

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