Steve Casino Makes Wooden Pull Toys for Adults

by Andy SmithPosted on

Cincinnati-based artist Steve Casino is known for his peanut art (which landed him a spot in the records of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not), but lately, he’s tackled another endeavor: making wooden pull toys packed with pop culture and mature flair. These toys pay homage to horror films like The Exorcist and and musicians like Jimi Hendrix.

On the artist’s Instagram, he shows his toys in action. Each’s motion is based on the actions of the characters, from the hacking of “The Shining” to Bruce Lee displaying his might.

As for his peanuts, the artist ensures that each piece has the long-lasting capabilities of his wooden toys through an intricate process: “There is a 4-step process I use to insure my artworks last a lifetime: 1). Each piece has had the nuts removed from the shell. 2). The shells are sealed with archival urethane and glued back together. 3). The product is constructed, painted (taking up to 20 hrs.) and coated in clear acrylic when finished. 4). The final product is sealed in a glass dome,” the artist writes.

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