Marwane Pallas Ties Natural Objects, Human Body in Photographs

by Andy SmithPosted on

Marwane Pallas, a self-taught French photographer, explores the likeness between the insides of the human body and objects created by nature and often consumed by us. In the series “Doctrine of Signatures,” different types of fruits and plants stand in place for the brain, lungs, and more. Pallas cites folk medicine as the root of the idea for this series.

“The Doctrine Of Signatures was an important aspect of folk medicine from the Middle Ages until the early modern period,” he says, in a statement. “Often associated with the work of herbalists and wise women, it drew upon the belief that natural objects that looked like art of the body could cure diseases that would arise there. Folk healers in Christian and Muslim countries claimed that God would have wanted to show men what plants would be useful for. He would have left signs.”

Much of the London-based photographers work uses self-portrait. However, he’s also worked in fashion photography. All carry a touch of surrealism and a progressive approach to palette.

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