Elegant Title Cards and Scratchy Napkin Drawings by Andy Ristaino

by Andy SmithPosted on

Andy Ristaino is an Emmy-winning artist known for being the lead character designer, writer, and background artist on the TV show Adventure Time. Ristaino’s hand always seem to be at work, whether it’s the show’s elegant, detail-packed title cards on the crowded drawings he scratches onto napkins and placemats. Both highlight the artist’s talent for making every corner of the page work for him.

Years ago, Ristaino talked to Hi-Fructose about his early days drawing, saying, “I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to dig it. All throughout high school I drew as much as possible in my classes. There were also some private art lessons in there somewhere too. I went to school at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence majoring in illustration and animation which meant there was a lot of life drawing and painting courses. When I graduated RISD I worked in Water Town near Boston at a place called Olive Jar Animation for 3 years animating on commercials and other projects.”

Since that interview, the artist has went on to work on Adventure Time and the show Bravest Warriors. He’s also continued to work in comics, kickstarting his graphic novel Night of the Living Vidiots in 2013.

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