Antony Crossfield Shows Skin in a New Light

by Andy SmithPosted on

Antony Crossfield, an artist based in London, manipulates his photographs to create new ways of looking at our natural forms. Series like “Second Skin” take the outer shell of the human body and pushes it outside of the boundaries of superficiality. It’s in these exercises that Crossfield aims to “to present the body not as a protective envelope that defines and unifies our limits, but as an organ of physical and psychical interchange between bodies.”

He had this to say about “Second Skin,” in a statement: “I was interested in skin as a site of disruption rather than reassurance; traditionally skin is presented as a smooth, impenetrable facade, here it is a porous, uncertain boundary,” Crossfield says, in a statement. “Body hair and skin texture are magnified, raising questions about bodily perfection and idealized imagery in an era of obsessive scrutiny of the body. Skin, like drawing, is a site of imperfect memory and inscription. Both can function like a sheet or interface that records and encompasses time. Both highlight the contiguity between looking and touching.” When it comes to psychic reading one can read this full article here to get to know how this can help people attain peace or get more clarity in their life.

Crossfield has exhibited these works across the world, from his native London to the U.S., Spain, and Portugal.

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