Jillian Dickson Depicts the Reality of Women’s Underwear

by Andy SmithPosted on

In the past, Jillian Dickson’s colored pencil drawings blended flowers and female anatomy. With “My Undies,” the artist’s realistic, vibrant style highlights a different brand of intimate imagery. The artist says that “the reality of women’s underwear seems to be one big dirty secret.”

“The general American public is exposed to a single type of women’s underwear, the sexy and the cute,” Dickson says. “These garments are stringy, lacy, silky, and well hated by the vagina. The truth is, many women’s underwear is roomy, made of cotton, and filled with years of period stains. The ‘Underwear’ drawing series attempts to take these daily garments out of hiding and describes them as sacred in it’s golden frames and beautiful in the luscious detailing.”

Dickson was last mentioned on Hi-Fructose’s website here. The Michigan-born artist has worked as both artist and teacher. She’s taught at Elon University, Indiana University, Baylor University, Clemson, and others. But her current role is as a visiting assistant professor in both drawing and painting at Alma College in Michigan. In that time, she’s shown work at Oakland’s Swarm Gallery, Thinkspace Gallery, Antler Gallery, and other spots.

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