Huang Po Hsun’s Explosive, Vibrant Acrylic Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Huang Po Hsun’s vibrant, bombastic paintings move between the familiar and the utterly otherworldly. These works, primarily acrylic on canvas, can feel like underwater carnivals or bubbling abstractions. The artist seems to be retrofitting icons from our world into his own flamboyant dreams.

“They are paintings focus on the relation between the surroundings and one self, with a significant, colorful and bright manner,” Gallery Gladden says.“The constant changes in life and the warm climate in Southern Taiwan may have great impact on the artist. Huang’s work shows a light motion, a quality of quiet loneliness and uncertainties. Furthermore, a tone of warm glamour.”

The artist was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The artist has released series titled “And Rich And Lonely”, “A Blast of Laughter” and “Carnival Ukiyo.” Asian Contemporary Art Buyer lists his consistent themes as “lovers and strangers and a wonderland afar.” See more of what they mean below.

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