Kilian Eng’s Futuristic Backdrops Contain Mystery, Engrossing Detail

by Andy SmithPosted on

Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng creates vibrant, hyperdetailed works that hint at fictional worlds. These futurescapes, often in ruins, contain mysterious narratives, allowing the reader to come up with their own motivations and theories. Outside of this personal work, the artist has worked for Disney, HBO, Heavy Metal, Mondo, Sony, The New York Times, Marvel, and several other.

Eng recently released Object 15, his third book of personal work. He had this to say about how he’s developed his digital style: “Since most of the work in the book has been drawn in the computer environment I was glad and surprised how the images opened up in a new way when I saw them in the printed form,” Eng says. “There is definitely something happening when you can see the work on paper instead of on the screen. It is really the ultimate way to look and get to know the artwork.”

His work has been compared to Moebius and other seminal European comic book artists who crossed over into fine art. Eng received degrees from Konstfack University of Arts, Cradt & Design in Stockholm.

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