KMNDZ Finishes New Mural at House of Blues Anaheim

by Andy SmithPosted on

Johnny Rodriguez, a Los Angeles-based artist who creates under the moniker KMNDZ, moves between commercial and personal work in his textured, pop style. The artist has created a mural at the new House of Blues Anaheim, displaying his aesthetic. The artist was last featured on here.

KMNDZ was joined by artist Audrey Kawasaki on the project, who painted another mural. The pair’s involvement with the music venue was partly facilitated by KP Projects, which represents both of the artists. See the piece in progress below.

The artist has shared this on the origin of his name: “Anyone who’s ever touched a Mac, knows that the keystroke combination ‘command’ + ’z’ = ‘undo’. After using it day in and day out at work, I started wishing that I had an ‘undo’ action for everyday life. We’ve all done things that we wished we hadn’t, and said things that we would like to take back.”

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