Tach Pollard’s Surreal, Figurative Wood Carvings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Tach Pollard, a British sculptor, crafts surreal, figurative wood carvings, mostly from oak roots that the artist digs up himself in the forests near his home. He also uses hawthorn, yew, and blackthorn, often using the surprising yet natural components as part of his creatures’ attributes. The result are stylized beings and objects that feel like natural extensions of nature’s spirit.

“I love the sense of finding a new piece of wood and anticipating the potential of the form it holds inside,” Pollard says, on his Etsy page. “Carving is a way of honoring this tree especially the roots I carve often i can see its suggested form as I pull it from the ground.”


The artist has shown his work at varying spots, including the iO Gallery in Brighton, the Body Shop, Pashley Manor, Heart Gallery Hook, Wilderness Wood Five Ashes, Lucinda Brown Gallery, and several others.

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