Benze’s Hyperdetailed Ink Drawings Absorb at Any Scale

by Andy SmithPosted on

Benze, a Hungarian artist, makes both ink drawings by hand and vector graphic prints. The artist’s hyperdetailed style works in both small and grand scales, as his murals reflect the kinetic, multitextured vibe of his works on paper. The artist has been a freelance illustrator for the past 17 years.

“My current artworks are the result of a ‘distillation’ process from the traditional oil painting to the black and white graphic,” the artist says. “The tattooed looking components are very important parts of my drawings because they continuously open up new interpretations of the image. It is possible to view them on macro and micro levels at the same time. This gives a special dynamic visual pleasure what I call ‘Christmas to my eyes.’ Each work has its own gravitational field which irresistibly forces us to zoom in, explore more, discover new aspects within the whole.”

Whether it’s a mall in Budapest, a psychedelic festival, or Mercedes Benz, the artist’s style seems to serve any type of client. The artist says he’s inspired by “the inner and outer circles” of his environment, his wife, and the current age we inhabit.

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