Stickymonger Uses Vinyl, Ink-Like Cut-Outs Comprise Pop Murals

by Andy SmithPosted on

Stickymonger” is the moniker of Brooklyn-based artist Joohee Park. Cutting giant sheets of vinyl, the artist installs her pop-influenced works piece by piece. These stickers reflect a range of emotions, from anxiety and prejudice to a decidedly darker aspect of the artist.

The artist’s fascination with “fluid and sticky blackness” comes from her upbringing. “Growing up in Korea, in a home adjacent to her family’s gas station, Park’s backyard housed six fuel-storage garages,” a statement says. “There, the future artist would hide among the oil cans, often stepping in and playing with the dense black petroleum puddles that were ubiquitous in her world. Her subjects are visceral:darkness, prejudice, and anxiety are represented as eyes, holes and little girls, allowing the viewer to vicariously experience Stickymonger’s sardonic signification viewpoint of human nature.”

In a recent project, on the 69th floor of the World Trade Center 4 has a gallery space, and Stickymonger created “stickers” for all of its windows. Whether it’s windows or walls, the artist uses the cut-outs and negative space to construct makeshift murals in spaces across the world. The artist, an MFA graduate from Pratt Institute, has been involved in solo and group shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seoul, Korea.

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