Richard Wilson’s Head-Tilting Installations, Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Famed sculptor/installation artist Richard Wilson creates “architectural interventions,” in which otherwise everyday building faces and structures are shifted in dreamlike fashion. Through brilliant engineering, the artist takes the elements of our day-to-day experience inside and outside in ways that may seem impossible at first glance.

“I need that initial thing from the real world because I’ve always been concerned with the way you can alter someone’s perception, knock their view off kilter,” Wilson has said. “And to do that I need to start with something we think we understand.”

A new show at Annely Juda Fine Art in London, “Stealing Space,” combines some of the artist’s better-known tendencies and site-specific pieces. Works like “Block of Dering” extracts the facade of a building makes a cube-like structure out of it. “Blocka Flats” reconfigures a piece of furniture in a way that appearls nearly digital in its distortion. Other works are smaller-scaled versions of past endeavors, showing that even at more approachable sizes, the work perplexes.

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