Peter Kogler’s Mindbending, Optical Art Fills Entire Rooms

by Andy SmithPosted on

The easily stirred may want to avoid rooms transformed by Austrian artist Peter Kogler, whose funhouse-like creations place wild patterns and illusions inside various spots across the world. Kogler uses varying mediums and disciplines to accomplish this, from architecture and computer art to painting and sculpture. Each of these creations feel like a new reality, in which twisting and writhing shapes envelope the viewers.

“Repetition is a methodology for me,” Kogler said, in a 2014 interview. “Like in a series of experiments, I try out and test different variations of one and the same motif, to see what works how and where and to find the best solution. This is a mirror of the reality of my working processes, especially when I use a technical medium. A subjective signature or issues concerning the ego are pushed to the background by repetition, and I find that very appealing.”

Some of the artist’s most effective work is devoid of color, whether it’s controlled, intersecting tubing or massive scribbles. The optical illusions are surprisingly effective even when viewed through social media apps. The Austria-based artist, who is self-taught, cites American minimalism as one influence on his works.

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