Meredith Dittmar’s Intricate New Sculptures Hold Surprises

by Andy SmithPosted on

Meredith Dittmar, a sculptor living Portland, uses polymer clay to create intricate structures that draw lines between technology, biology, and our own consciousness. Hidden within geometric shapes, vanishing lines, and architecture, simulations of the familiar emerge, like faces and hands. Depending on how the viewer focuses and chooses to be present, new aspects of the work are revealed. Dittmar was last featured on here.

In a new show at San Francisco’s Mirus Gallery, Dittmar offers 23 new works and a site-specific installation. “Between Our Eyes” kicks off Jan. 20 at the space and will be up through March 3. The title of the exhibition is a nod to the distance between the human face’s eyes, which gives us the ability to discern depth and dimension.

From a statement from the artist: “I work with demanding perspectives. On an invisible curved surface these lines emerge on their own, discovered and unplanned. Some of the perspectives are quite challenging to hold at the same time… soften your eyes and relax to see them at once… This metaphor serves neatly: Relax a fixed point of view and hold paradox perspectives simultaneously.”

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