The Mesmerizing, Strange Animations of More and More

by Andy SmithPosted on

More and More, a London-based design studio, strives to create 3D imagery and video that has both a “distinctive and unexpected tone of voice.” Launched just last year by Carl Burgess and Tom Darracott, the studio breathes life and realistic motion into inflatable characters, delicate fur, and other uncommon material. The group even mesmerizes with a golden ribbon, piling onto itself.

More and More has this to say on its daily charge: “Utilizing new technologies to create forward looking visual communication, the philosophy is to unify design, production and direction under one roof to produce the most responsive and effective work.”

50 Days – Idea 3 of 19 from More and More on Vimeo.

50 Days – Idea 6 of 19 from More and More on Vimeo.

This means relationships with brands like Prada, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Chanel, H&M, and several other high-profile companies. Using Instagram, the studio gives demos on its capabilities, even within a few seconds of unexpected motion. Even what appears to be some kind of meat missle seems to have the inflatable properties of other objects in the More and More factory. This kind of surprising action falls in line with several of the group’s other short clips.

50 Days – Idea 2 of 19 from More and More on Vimeo.

50 Days – Idea 1 of 19 from More and More on Vimeo.

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