Happy New Year! Top 10 Hi-Fructose Posts of 2016

by Andy SmithPosted on

This year, the most popular posts on HiFructose.com invited us inside subway cars packed by monsters, navigated inverted architecture, and showed us a world of giant textile birds. We revisited established artists charting new territory like Robert Crumb and Rebecca Leveille and burgeoning, young talent breaking through. It was a year of both the vibrant and the somber, hether it was Daniel Merriam’s whimsical watercolors Yusk Imai’s monochrome bodypainting. We escaped in dreamlike worlds and felt sobering reflections of our time. As of December 31, these were the most visited pieces offered, so we take a moment to acknowledge some of the most fascinating work and conversations we had this year. As always, we thank you for reading our daily blog posts and quarterly print issues. And we look forward to another year of exploring what 2017 brings with you.

10. Interview: Yusk Imai’s Monochrome Bodypainting Project “Exoskeleton”

9. Cartoonist Robert Crumb Draws Modern Day Women in “Art & Beauty”

8. Bailey Henderson Sculpts Mythological Sea Monsters from Medieval Maps

7. Studio Visit: Behind the Scenes of Matt Ritchie’s Miniature Paintings in “Confero” at Spoke Art

6. Exclusive Interview: Cinta Vidal Agulló Discusses Her Paintings of Inverted Architecture 

5. Subway Doodle’s Monsters Invade New York Commutes

4. Daniel Merriam’s Watercolors of Extravagant, Whimsical Worlds

3. Klaus Pinter’s Floating Installations Explore the Potential of Space

2. Interview: Rebecca Leveille Explores Colorful New Imagery in “Savage Garden”

1. Wakako Kawakami’s Striking Installations of Giant Textile Birds

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