Denis Sarazhin’s Dramatic, Textured Oil Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Denis Sarazhin, a Ukraine-born artist, crafts textured oil paintings that convey both mystery and motion. His “Pantomime” series, in particular, focuses on gestures and a dramatic sense of motion through multiple limbs and hands. His work has been compared to masters like Egon Schiele, though through the kinetic nature and specific use of color in his work, Sarazhin has forged an approach all his own.

In regards to his signature technique: “With regard to technical methods, I can say that everything comes with practice and experimentation,” Sarazhin said, in an interview with UD&Art. “I am constantly looking for better ways and painting techniques that maximize and could express what I had in mind. I can say that the language of art that I use, appeared over time, such methods were not taught in the art academy.”

Sarazhin is a 2008 graduate of the Kharkov Art and Design Academy, and he’s studied under Ganozkiy V.L., Chaus V.N., and Vintayev V.N. Also, Ukrainian Art Academy awarded him a First Degree Diploma Award for Excellence in Painting.


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