The Pixelated Art of Uno Moralez

by Andy SmithPosted on

Russian artist Uno Moralez crafts images that are a throwback to seemingly less sophisticated, earlier days of digital art. Yet, what the artist has done is forge a novel, fascinating way to communicate narrative. They’re not quite comics, yet Moralez often depends on more than one image to share his stories, which move between pulp, campy horror, sci-fi, or something stranger and dream-like.

In a 2012 interview with The Comics Journal, the mysterious artist (who actually uses Uno Moralez as a pseudonym) talked about the influence of David Lynch and Soviet art in his work. “I publish my work on the web because it looks like it was planned and created there—in its original form, in other words,” Moralez said. “Furthermore, it’s available for maximum number of people.”

The artist’s animated GIFs have their own lives, tales that play out in a section on the artist’s website labeled “loops.” He says he makes these because of how “concise and expressive” they are, though he takes a measured approach to when he uses the format.

A post on his Tumblr offers insight into his process, from sketch to product.

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