Stephan Brusche Creates New Lives Out of Bananas

by Andy SmithPosted on

Artist Stephan Brusche, also known as iSteef, is primarily known for his work with an uncommon medium: the banana. His pieces, blending drawing and sculpture, take many forms (but mostly, you know, banana-shaped).

The character depicted on the bananas come from pop culture, Brusche’s imagination, or even the Bible. Sometimes, the humor comes primarily from the way he uses the interior component of the fruit, used as clothing for some characters or a rocket ship for others. The artist, based in the Netherlands, described his work to Bored Panda last year: ““They show the things I care about or like the most. Not a real agenda behind it. Mostly fun and whatever idea pops into my head when I look at a banana. Though I like to make more Bible Bananas just to show how fascinating that book is.”

The artist, at times, will also work with other fruits —or other objects, entirely out of the category of edible items. His work with leaves, in particular, brings an imaginative and seasonal new life to objects we often find underneath our boots.

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